Appendix - Testing on Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet)


Certificate Store


For testing purposes, you may download the Chrome Extension Metamask to manage your wallet to deploy new certificate store and issue a batch of certificates.

Set Up

  1. Create a new password for the wallet
  2. Backup the seed phrases
  3. Note down your wallet address

Certificate Store

  1. Change network to “Ropsten”

Certificate Store

Note: From now on, your wallet address is the address you see in step 3.

Test Ether

Certificate Store

Visit to get free Ropsten Ethers for your transactions on the test net. Enter your wallet address and click on “Send me test Ether” to receive free Ethers.

Note: Transactions on the Ethereum network is not instant, check your transaction status in a few minutes if you do not see it immediately.